The tourist season on Gotska Sandön is canceled due to Corona.

Due to the fact that the ongoing Covid epidemic still has the country in its grasp, the County Administrative Board of Gotland, in consultation with the Swedish Environmental Protection Agency, the shipping company and Sandöresor, has felt compelled to cancel planned tourist arrangements to the national park in the summer of 2021. This for the second summer in a row.

The boat trip to and from Gotska Sandön cannot guarantee a safe environment from a contagion point of view. In addition, there are no healthcare resources on the island, which is isolated from the rest of the society.

All now booked will be contacted by Sandöresor as soon as it´s practically possible, by e-mail or telephone, to be informed about that their booking has been canceled. In cases where payment is made, full repayment will be made. Any gift card with validity ending 2021 will also automatically be extended by one year.

We sincerely regret that the circumstances have forced us to take these measures.

Sandöresor 2021-02-15